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Oral Histories to Virtual Reality
Zoom Event & Auction

Our event is free and open to the public so please forward this invitation to family & friends. 


Where: Zoom link
When: Sunday, March 28 at 4pm PST 


Start Date:  Wednesday, March 24 at 9:00 am PST

End Date:  Sunday, March 28 at 6:00 pm PST

Oral Histories to Virtual Reality, a Live Zoom Event

This event will feature speakers from multiple different backgrounds discussing the tradition of oral histories and how to bring them into the future using 2D and 3D technology. Our featured speaker is Eric Hanson of BluePlanet VR/USC, who will be giving a tour of our virtual reality experience. He will demonstrate how we layer stories on top of a specific landscape in the desert Southwest.

Online Auction

The Online Auction part of the event will be open to the public for bidding on March 24 at 9am PST. On that day we will send you an email announcement with the Online Auction site link to browse and bid on our incredibly unique auction items, including one of a kind photographs taken in the 1940’s by Expedition member Brac McKee, paintings from Hopi artist Abel Nash, weavings from the Navajo Adopt-a-Native-Elder program, signed books by author Dr. Little Badger, one-of-a-kind necklaces by Lithuania and Louise Littlesalt, and copies of Max Littlesalt: A Graphic Biography, ceramics by Don Corbett, and homemade gourmet jams by Jarla.

The Online Auction will conclude one hour after the Live Zoom Event, at 6pm PST. During the 5 days prior to the event, auction items will be available online to browse and to submit bids.  We are using the same website as our last auction event and all Online Auction transactions/shipping information, etc will be done through the auction website.

We would all prefer to be together in person for our event and to see the auction items, we know that this is still not possible.  But perhaps we are getting closer.  Meanwhile, we are excited to bring you these very special auction selections online and hope that our speakers will inspire you through their storytelling.